Kilmarnock Engineering and Science Society (KESS) organises lectures, assistance and general activities for schools in Kilmarnock and the surrounding district. If you think we may be able to assist your school please contact us (details in "Contact us" page).

Since 2012 various events have been held in schools and around Ayrshire

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british science week

Graham Short also announced that during 2016-17, Netherthird Primary will be adopted by KESS for special scientific support.

Councillor Stephanie Primrose, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning, said: “This has been a tremendous experience for the children from Bellsbank Primary. I would like to thank everyone from Kilmarnock Engineering and Science Society. They ensured that the pupils’ first steps into science have been very memorable and enjoyable.

“Science, technology, engineering and maths are high on our agenda as drivers in education, looking to potential future careers for young people.

“I look forward to the good work continuing at Netherthird Primary, providing more fabulous opportunities for pupils there.”

KESS exists to promote public engagement with engineering and science in Kilmarnock and across East Ayrshire. Membership is open to anyone aged 16 or over with any level of general interest in science and engineering.

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For immediate release: 22 March 2016


Science Fair proves big hit for Willowbank

National Science Week was a big hit with the pupils at Willowbank School, as they celebrated and explored science in all its forms at their Science Fair.

With the help of volunteers from the Kilmarnock Engineering and Science Society KESS, teachers from St Joseph’s Academy and senior pupils from Stewarton Academy, the pupils explored rockets, astronomy, electricity and the properties of mass with a series of fun activities and experiments.

Professor Danny Gorman, of KESS who 'adopted' Willowbank when the society sponsored the school last year said: “It was a delight to return to Willowbank after our involvement last year and I’m thrilled to see that they’ve kept up and developed their interest in science and engineering. We were only too happy to help organise this fair, with the help of eight volunteers from our society, two teachers from St Joseph’s and senior pupils from Stewarton Academy.  Between us we’ve a wide range of experience in science and engineering and because of this we were able to create fun activities which reflect many areas of interest. We’ve all had a marvellous time, it’s great to see the pupils engaging and learning and we’re already looking forward to seeing how we can help with next year’s British Science Week.”

Councillor Stephanie Primrose, Member for Skills and Learning, East Ayrshire Council, said: “Willowbank has always had a very proactive approach to science, and their involvement with the Kilmarnock Engineering and Science Society last year has helped them develop and sustain the interest of the pupils. A day like this provides huge benefits for the volunteers and pupils alike, as they all share their enthusiasm, knowledge and thirst for learning about all areas of science.  Everyone took something positive away from the day. A real triumph of inclusive education in action.”

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For immediate release: 18 March 2016


Hair raising science at Bellsbank

 The formula for fun was discovered in Bellsbank recently at a community science fair.

Kilmarnock Engineering and Science Society (KESS) and Bellsbank Primary joined forces to provide an exciting science filled day for the whole community.

KESS President Suzanne Flynn said: “The visitors were treated to a night sky viewing and a trip to the moon in the pop-up observatory supplied by The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory.

“Members of the Ayrshire Astronomical Society brought several interesting telescopes and solar scopes for visitors to view the sky.

“KESS provided several stands demonstrating aspects of electricity - the Van de Graff generator was very popular and several visitors tried it out and were amazed that their hair literally stood on end.

“We are very pleased that the Society’s Schools Outreach programme is reaching so many children, their parents, teachers and members of the public.”

Councillor Stephanie Primrose, Cabinet Member for Skills and Learning said: “Almost 170 people visited the science fair which was held on a Saturday to allow parents and members of the wider community enjoy the fun activities on offer.

“I have to say I really enjoyed participating in the activities. The team worked very hard to remove the barriers many people feel towards science, making the whole experience really enjoyable for everyone who attended.”

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