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11th Oct 2022


Fusion: Power for the Future

Prof Declan Diver

25th Oct 2022

A digital earth vision net zero:nature plus and data analytics
Prof E.Marian Scott OBE

8th Nov 2022

Energy and sustainable Net Zero
Prof Gioia Falcone

22nd Nov 2022

Dark Matter

Prof Alex Murphy
13th Dec 2022
Light and the Brain: the challenges and progress towards seeing insside the body with light
Prof Daniele Faccio
24th Jan 2023

The dockyard port of Clyde - A Strategic Nuclear Port and more ...

 Ian White KHM

14th Feb 2023

A celebration of the work and life of John Forbes Nash.Jr

28th Feb 2023

Miniaturising ultrasonic surgical devices for
minimally invasive surgery
Prof Margaret Lucas


14th Mar 2023

The second quantum revolution
Dr Sarah Diegoli

28th Mar 2023

 AGM and Lecture (TBA)