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10th October 2023

Mark Symes

“Living off the Land – on the Moon”

24th October 2023

Colin Barbour

“ Wernher von Braun – from Nazi to NASA”

14th November 2023

Richard Bowman

“Robotic microscopy for everyone:from development to diagnostics

28th November 2023

Stephanie Sharp and Paul Skett

“Drugs, Death and the Legal System”

12th December 2023

Josie Fullerton

“Investigating novel therapies for stroke”

23rd January 2024

Konstantinos Kontis

“High speed fight:from Earth to the Moon”

13th February 2024

David Woods

“A tribute to NeilArmstrong (1930 - 2012) and Apollo 11’s landing on the Moon”

27th February 2024

Manlio Tassier

“Is it all Maxwell’s Fault??!! I.e. How to perform broadband reology in a step”

12th March 2024

Emma Walker

“Public Health in Scotland 2024 – the post pandemic period”.

26th March 2024

Lyndsay Fletcher

“The Sun and Space Weather”