8th Oct 2019 Ten years on, what have we learned
from the Large Hadron Collider?
Prof Victoria Martin

 22nd Oct 2019

Honeybee Democracy
 Julian Stanley
5th Nov 2019 

Pump Storage Hydro - the solution
to the future energy crisis?

 Mark Wilson
19th Nov 2019 Success or Failure? How to solve
complex problems.
Prof Iain MacLeod
3rd Dec 2019 Science on the Streets  Dr Carol Trager-Cowan & Dr Jochen Bruckbauer  
7th Jan 2020 Members’ Night - Titanic Bill Fitzpatrick, Ian Aitken & Euan Dunsmore
21st Jan 2020
Bio-refining: An Energy Utopia?
Dr Ian Watson

4th Feb 2020

Can robots swim? 

Dr Euan McGookin

18th Feb 2020

Acoustic Sensors inspired by

Insect Ears

Prof James Windmill  

3rd Mar 2020

Engineering Simulation: Past, Present

and Future
 Dr Jim Wood