• To educate, inform, entertain and enthuse members of the general public on topics in engineering and science through lectures, demonstrations or other appropriate modes of communication.

  • To help individual members and groups of members to further enhance their knowledge of engineering and science.

  • To liaise with schools, colleges and the general public in Kilmarnock and surrounding areas towards promoting engineering and science.

  • To be a means of continuing professional development for the engineering apprentices in Kilmarnock and surrounding area.

  • To organise outings and visits to places of engineering/scientific interest for members and, where/when appropriate, their guests.

  • To do all other things as will properly attain the above purposes without bias to race, creed or gender, disability, sexual orientation and age, and to seek to positively promote equal opportunities.


  • Membership will be open to anyone, aged 16 years or over who has an interest in any branch of engineering and/or science and have paid the appropriate annual subscription as determined by the Society.

  • Members, or guests, judged to being a minor (under English Law) must be accompanied by parent, guardian or teacher at any of the Society events. 

  • Members may or may not have a professional background in any branch of engineering and/or science.

  •  Individuals having an interest in Society may become Associates of the Society. Such Associates will be contacted about events and developments relating to the Society but have no voting right.

  • The Society may invite local authorities, central government and other statutory bodies or agencies to nominate one or more representatives to serve as co-opted members of the Society but such co-opted members shall have no voting rights.

  • The Council shall be entitled, at its discretion, to refuse to admit any individual or organisation to membership, where it can be demonstrated that the individual, by their activities, are not in sympathy with the objects of the Society.

  • The Council shall have the right for good and sufficient reason to terminate the membership of any individual provided that the member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the Council before a final decision is made.              


  • Regular meetings (notionally once per calendar month between October and March inclusive) will be held whence lectures/demonstrations will be presented.  Accordingly, the Society will invite guest speakers in topics relevant to the aims of the Society. Lectures/demonstrations will, as far as is practical, be aimed at the widest possible spectrum of pre knowledge of the topic presented.
  • Periodically, and subject to demand, special lectures/demonstrations on either advanced topics, or, in topics to an advanced level, will be arranged on behalf of members who have an appropriate academic/professional background in that topic.

  • The Society will seek, welcome and respond to opportunities to liaise with the schools, colleges and other appropriate bodies in the promotion of engineering and science.

  • The Society will arrange a short series of lectures/demonstration on  topics in engineering and science for school pupils.