23rd Oct 2018 The Extremely Large Telescope: Engineering Challenges and Science Prospects*  Prof Colin Cunningham 
6th Nov 2018 Interaction in Visual Recognition with Room-scale Tracking  Dr Julie Williamson 
20th Nov 2018  Osteoporosis & Fractures Dr Sylvie Coupaud
4th Dec 2018  Using strain monitoring and modelling techniques to monitor the conservation and display of historic tapestries Prof Frances Lennard 
8th Jan 2019 How to build and fly your own aeroplane  Dr Michael Timmons
22nd Jan 2019 SETI: The Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence*  Chris O’Kane 
5th Feb 2019  Benefits of minerals made by bacteria: from early earth survival to modern engineering solutions  Prof Vernon Phoenix 
19th Feb 2019 Technology of the Ancient Romans Dr June Neilson
 5th March 2019 Using Ultrasound for a Safer World Prof Tony Mulholland
19th March 2019  The Sleeping Giant:
The Current State of Solar Activity
Dr Ryan Milligan 
**Joint lectures with the Ayrshire Astronomical Society