12th Oct 2021


Space Habitats:
Engineering beyond Planetary boundaries

Prof Colin McInnes
26th Oct 2021
Flying the F4 Phantoms

Peter McCambridge
9th Nov 2021
Royal Naval STEM engagement - Expanding the STEM talent pool

Cdr Christopher Pinder RN 
 23rd Nov 2021
 Hoverflies in an Ayrshire Garden

Susan Bradbury
 7th Dec 2021
Engineering the Routemaster

Prof Danny Gorman
18th Jan 2022
Members’ Night – Brittle Fracture

Euan Dunsmore
1st Feb 2022
Quantum Computing
Dr Sarah Croke
15th Feb 2022

Materials for manufacturing 

Dr Patricia Munoz
 1st Mar 2022
From Mars to Antartica - technology transfer in planetary subsurface exploration
 Dr Patrick Harkness
15th Mar 2022
AGM and
What is a virus and where do all these new viruses come from?

Kevin O'Dell
29th March 2022
Contemporary Viruses
Prof Kevin O'Dell